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How to File a Subpoena Form?

Subpoena Form

In the event that an individual requires witness testimony in a small claims suit, he/she can file subpoena forms to ensure that his/her witness will testify. In order to achieve this, an individual must obtain the appropriate subpoena form from his/her local court clerk. Subsequently, he/she will be required to accurately complete this form and provide vital information about the witness that he/she wants to subpoena. After the subpoena form has been completed, it can be returned to the court clerk. In most instances, an individual will be required to pay a fee to file this form, though the associated fee can vary notably from one state to another. The subpoena petition will be reviewed by the court. If the court authorized the subpoena, the individual will be required to serve the witness the subpoena. He/she must obtain a Proof of Service as evidence that the documents were properly served.

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