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Steps to Sentence Reduction

Sentence Reduction

A motion of sentence reduction is a petition to acquire a sentence reduction for a convicted criminal. The procedures for filing a motion of sentence reduction vary from one state to another. Generally, an individual must wait one year following the sentencing to file a petition for sentence reduction. To achieve this, an individual must write a motion and file it with the court clerk in the court that sentenced the individual.

The judge who sentenced him/her will review the motion and determine whether a sentence reduction is warranted. An individual can also file an appeal for sentence reduction. To initiate this process, he/she must obtain the proper appeal form from the court clerk's office. He/she must subsequently complete and submit this form. The appeal form will then be reviewed and a decision will be made regarding an individual's sentence reduction. Before creating a motion of sentence reduction, an individual may wish to obtain legal assistance to help him/her complete this process.

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