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Can You Be Convicted Based on Hearsay?

Conviction Based On Hearsay

Hearsay is any information gathered by one party or person from another concerning a particular event, condition, or thing that was not directly related to the accused person. When hearsay evidence is submitted in a trail or court hearing, the statements can be accepted and reviewed as a part of the case. Hearsay evidence can be obtained and evaluated to prove truths of what is asserted in a legal setting. Generally speaking, this is not allowed, however, in special cases that specifically carry a severe charge, can incorporate hearsay evidence to bolster a defense or expedite a verdict. In most cases, whether it is a civil or criminal trial, hearsay evidence is outlawed as a prohibition labeled the hearsay rule. That being said, the rules regarding what is considered hearsay evidence and what is considered factual evidence is often blurred and typically left for interpretation by the individual judge and court system.

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