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Using an Auto Replevin to Recover Property

Auto Replevin

When an individual or a company wants to recover its property, it can obtain a replevin from a local court. A law enforcement official will then serve the replevin to the intended recipient. An auto replevin is a type of court order obtained by motor vehicle dealers and financial lenders, to recover motor vehicles. Auto replevins are often an important component of the repossession process. In the event that an individual is unable to pay his/her monthly motor vehicle payments, the bank or lending institution can repossess the car. If the leaser or buyer refuses to return the motor vehicle, the creditor can obtain an auto replevin from the court. This court order will require the borrower to return the motor vehicle to the lender immediately. Failure to do so can result in legal action and long term negative repercussions for the borrower. Trial law contains additional information regarding lawsuits and civil comp

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What is a Replevin? What is a Replevin?