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Prison Sentence Reductions

Prison Sentence

There are a number of different techniques through which an individual can get his/her prison sentence reduced. The reduction of a prison sentence often begins during the initial portions of a criminal trial. If an individual is convicted of a crime and the evidence works against his/her, an experienced lawyer may choose to employ a defense that will limit his/her criminal liability.

In effect, the defendant will be admitting that he/she is responsible for the crime, but that due to the associated circumstances, he/she cannot be held responsible for the crime. If the lawyer can successfully prove this, an individual's prison sentence may be reduced.

Once an individual has begun to serve his/her prison sentence, he/she can effectively reduce this sentence by exhibiting outstanding behavior and good moral character. If he/she shows remorse for his/her actions and acts as an outstanding prisoner, he/she may be granted parole.

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