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What Can a Police Complaint Do?

Police Complaint

One of the most common police complaints that civilians file are a police complaint arising from perceived misconduct by the police officer. However, before a police complaint of this nature can be substantiated, it is important that individuals who believe they may have valid police complaints learn the appropriate language and behavioral guidelines which police are expected to follow.

Without this information, a police complaint may be revealed to in fact be completely unsubstantiated since it will be discovered that the police office was completely within the proper guidelines for behavior during the supposed ground for the police complaint

Obviously, obtaining this information will not be needed if the police complaint is for instances of gross police misconduct, such as that resulting in great harm to the person seeking to file a police complaint.

When filing a police complaint it can be beneficial if the person filing the police complaint composes the complaint themselves instead of the police department so that no information will be miscommunicated. The formal police complaints that are submitted should be typed, and sent through a certified mail delivery program so that there is a document trail to support the police complaint in the event the individual is dissatisfied with the method in which their police complaint is handled.

Throughout the handling of police complaints it is important for the individual to remain calm whenever dealing with the official assigned to investigate the police complaint, as well as keep as accurate as possible records throughout their process of handling the police complaints.

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