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What are Mock Trials?

Mock Trials

A mock trial is a simulation or acted trial; this is where attorneys will often bring together the information they wish to present to a court to a smaller body, and go through the motions of a court. Using traditional trial procedures, the attorneys can get a feel for how the court case will open up, and what evidence, questions, and what other informational pieces should be presented in what order. Mock trials are important when it comes to legal professionals gaining confidence in their own performance in a court case. Furthermore, a mock trial can be essential when it comes to preparing the information an attorney has in a concise, fluid manner. Besides being used by legal professionals for practice, mock trails is also a nationally recognized extra-curricular activity that is used to students in high school and college gain a better perspective on how the legal system works. This extra-curricular activity is also used to give students confidence in building skills for legal representation; it is especially important for those who are looking to go to law school or to major in criminal justice. Regardless of whether it is for professional practice and rehearsal or if it is for student use, a mock trial is an acted out and fake court which operates under the conditions of real courts. Mock trials can also be done for specific types of trials like bench trials and for jury trials, often of the lower-court systems.

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