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The Process of Jury Selection

Jury Selectio

Jury selection is a necessary process of a court room that affirms the delivery of unbiased jurors who will ultimately deliver a fair or reasonable verdict to a court case. There are several methods within the broad term 'jury selection' that can be used to choose people to serve on a trial jury. The jury selection commences with a jury summons; a pool of people, randomly drawn from the community, will first be selected using an arbitrary method. When an individual receives a jury summons he/she is given a scheduled date and location of the specific court room where the case is held. The jury summons, however, doesn't affirm an individuals position on the jury. Upon entering the courthouse, the prospective juror is questioned in court by the judge and the attorneys presiding over the case. The screening process is a necessary step of a jury selection; the judge and attorneys involved in the case must ensure the delivery of an unbiased and subjective pool of jurors. If an individual who receives a jury summons is found to be biased, racist, or intolerant of any race or sexual orientation they will be dismissed and rejected to serve on the jury. The jury selection has two fundamental steps; the first being a random selection of the community pool and the second step accounts for a screening process to ensure the delivery of an unbiased juror pool. The actual selection process is broad, for every citizen who meets the age requirements is required to serve on a jury at some point.

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