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Tampering With Evidence

It is a crime when individuals are found tamping with evidence. Tampering may include a manipulation or movement of the evidence during or after the crime. Individuals can in fact be charged with being an accessory after the fact, if they manipulated evidence in any way. However, individuals must have knowingly been tampering with evidence to be charged.

For example, a driver involved in a hit and run may flee the scene and attempt to have their vehicle fixed. If a family member were to have the car fixed by a mechanic, they may be guilty of tampering. Evidence of the crime would likely be destroyed during the repairs. If however, the individual was not aware that the hit and run took place, they would not likely be charged with tampering. Evidence which is destroyed by any individual after the fact could include a charge of tampering, but only when it is knowingly tampered with.
Criminal laws has more information on evidence tampering.

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