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Using a Tamper Evident Device

Tamper Evident

A tamper evident device is a device which is specifically designed or set up in some fashion so that any tampering of the device would be immediately evident. A common form of tamper evident technique is found on objects with seals, for example, wherein if the seal is broken, then the object has been tampered with. A milk gallon might have a tamper evident seal at the top, which, again, if broken, would alert a potential consumer to the fact that the milk might not be safe. Tamper evident designs also often are designed to prevent forgery and imitation, so that only the true objects can be used. Thus, watermarks on checks and holographic pictures on credit cards are common forms of tamper evident devices. In terms of evidence for a trial, tampering is a major concern, as tampering with evidence could lead to a mistrial, or worse, an improper dispensation of justice. As such, tamper evident devices are sometimes used with reference to evidence in a trial. For example, putting a piece of evidence into a container, and then putting a tamper evident seal on that container, would allow the court to know if any has attempted tampering with the evidence by the fact that the seal might be broken by the time the evidence was taken to court. There are more complex methods of tamper evident devices, however, which might even go so far as to make the individual who performed the tampering be easily identified.

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