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Using the Right Counter Argument


A counter argument can be utilized in a number of forums. That being said, understanding how to properly formulate a counter argument is a necessary procedure for professional, academic, or legal purposes.

The first step to formulate a counter argument is firmly establishing a claim. A persuasive counter argument is one that is fortified through research, clear examples, and logical reasoning. As a result of this, developing a counter argument requires the delivery of a strong thesis.

To develop a thesis thorough research must be conducted to support your claims. A solid argument is always established through factual evidence and suitable research. Once the research has been collected, you must develop strong opening sentences that are affirmative and attention-grabbing.

The claim must be constructed through a strong topic sentence; developing such sentences will build on the body of the argument. Organizing the counter argument is necessary because the listener or audience must be clearly directed through the argument without losing grasp of your logic or point.

Trial laws has more information about formulating a counter argument.

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