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What are Class Action Lawsuits?

Class Action Lawsuits

A class action lawsuit is a lawsuit that is filed on behalf of a body of individuals who have been wronged in some fashion. When it comes to the way class action lawsuits work, it is dependent upon the crime that is actually being sued over.

Different scenarios in which a class action lawsuit is applicable are: deaths or injury related to products, false claims regarding products, and in regards to workers of a company, class action lawsuits can be filed if individuals have been wronged by illegal actions regarding salary or discriminatory practices with regards to hiring of workers.

The death or injury related class action lawsuits do not have to be brought on by individuals who are working in the company; these can be brought on by families of the individuals who have been killed or injured. Class action lawsuits are important because they often involve numerous plaintiffs; however, not all plaintiffs are secured the same types of compensation. The compensation is often distributed per individual, in regards the severity of what they have suffered.

In a class action law suit, the resolution can come about during a trial or it can be settled outside of court, in order to alleviate the publicity that a trial would cause. The company that has the class action lawsuit against then can either be made to pay for the individual plaintiff’s damages and cases, or they can end up pay for the overall issue that they have caused.

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