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The Experience of Going to Trial

Being Sued

Expectations in court will vary based on the charge you are facing and the location in which the charges were committed or filed. All crimes or wrongdoings have varied punishments and legal processes.

For misdemeanors (which are viewed as petty crimes or minor violations) will typically require paper work or a quick appearance in front of a judge. The civil process for going to trial will not involve a jury or even a legal team in some cases. As a result, going to trial for a civil offense typically involves a quick review of the facts present and the administration of a fine.

Going to trial for a criminal offense is a more time-consuming and stressful situation. Again, depending on the charge a criminal trial can last days or months, but in general, because of the seriousness of the offense, a criminal trial will involve a jury, witness statements, a thorough review of the evidence involved, and the incorporation of legal teams.

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